Ekopak signs up ArcelorMittal Ghent as a reference client, ensuring the supply of process water

ArcelorMittal uses canal water to produce its process water for its activities at the plant in Ghent, Belgium. Over the past years, it was however clearly noticeable that climate change has a substantial impact on the quality of the canal water, also requiring a modified treatment strategy of this canal water. ArcelorMittal has therefore chosen Ekopak to implement an additional treatment to ensure a consistent and high-quality supply of process water. This collaboration is crucial in safeguarding the quality of the steel produced by ArcelorMittal, as the overall process is heavily dependent on reliable process water. 

The installation provided by Ekopak is capable of producing 800 000 m³ of process water annually, which is the equivalent of 320 olympic swimming pools. The project operates under a Water-as-a-Service (WaaS) formula for the next 10 years.

ArcelorMittal is a global steel company, with a presence in more than 60 countries and an industrial footprint in over 20 countries. As a leader in the steel industry, ArcelorMittal is dedicated to producing high-quality steel for a wide range of applications, contributing to the development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure globally. In Belgium, ArcelorMittal has sites in Ghent, Liège, Geel and Genk.

Ekopak is a sustainability-driven company that markets circular water solutions. Ekopak’s solutions offer industrial customers the opportunity to significantly reduce their water consumption from the water mains network in a sustainable, dependable, and cost-effective manner. Ekopak enables its customers to disconnect from the regular water network and initiate circular water use. To this end, Ekopak focuses on optimizing water consumption with modular water treatment units that convert off-grid water sources, such as rainwater, surface water, and/or wastewater into purer water that can be used and reused in the customer’s industrial processes.

All Ekopak shares are listed on Euronext Brussels (ticker EKOP).