Benefits of Water-as-a-Service for your business

Simple way to meet water targets

Implementing water saving measures can only take you so far in reducing water footprint. WaaS Asia provides a simple solution to reuse water and meet your sustainability targets.

Short and long term

WaaS Asia offers you an innovative water management solution tailored specifically to your business. In the short term, this is water treatment in a quick start container which can be delivered at no time. In the longer term, you can count on a complete tailor-made service from design and construction to operation and 24/7 remote monitoring.

All in one

We install a customized container with all the equipment and functionality for your water management: dosage and pressure control stations, disinfection units, water softeners, decarbonisation and demineralisation devices, reverse osmosis units, filtration devices, and so on.


Every inch of space has been used in our compact container. Due to the modular construction, the possibilities and combinations are almost endless. In consultation with you, we can extend the container in height, length and width, for example with spaces for filtering, electricity, CIP (clean in place), chemical treatment, buffer and operation.

Easy to install

WaaS Asia uses the ‘design-building-operate’ approach. We design and build the container in advance at our factory, which makes transport and installation extremely smooth. The commissioning and operation are also in our hands.

Innovative technology

WaaS Asia gives you a water management solution that combines the most innovative technologies. Think of:

  • Ultrafiltration: removes suspended solids, bacteria, macromolecules, viruses and colloidal particles.
  • Reverse osmosis: allows a net flow in a membrane towards the least concentrated solution.
  • Electrode ionisation: combines electrodialysis and ion exchange with resins to create extremely pure water.

WaaS works worldwide

Sustainable water management is important in resource-saving production processes around the world. WaaS Asia’s modular and customisable approach combined with a cost-effective leasing formula appeals to businesses everywhere. Add to that the 24/7 online monitoring by highly qualified technicians and engineers.

Because of the smooth and problem-free operation of WaaS, you are always sure of water for your business processes, at a competitive price. Avoid risks and optimize your water management.

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