Be a water champion! Reduce your water footprint and increase water Reuse

Population growth and climate change are accelerating water stress and scarcity globally. What can you do as a responsible company? Switch to alternative and sustainable water sources to reduce your water risks. In WaaS Asia, we help our customers enhance water circularity, Reuse and Reduce their water footprint at an affordable cost.

Save on water cost

Reduce water footprint

Increase water Reuse

Outsource water management, operations, and maintenance

What we do for your business


With Water-as-a-Service®, or WaaS in short, we ensure that enterprises have resilient, high quality and sustainable water supply. Thanks to our resolute choice of innovative technology and alternative water sources, we help our customers enhance Reuse of water, Reduce the water footprint, and save cost!


There’s no need to be concerned about the setup and construction process. We take care of the design, construction, and operation of the installation for water production, treatment, and recycling in your company. This ensures the highest level of water security for your production needs.

Water purchase agreement

After signing a water purchase agreement with us you don’t need to make any upfront investments. Instead, you’ll pay solely for the volume of recycled and treated water we provide. Our skilled technicians handle all aspects, ensuring you stay clear of any unnecessary personnel expenses, consumables, and maintenance costs.


WaaS Asia can promptly set up a water supply solution for your company. Subsequently, we tailor these solutions to align with your company’s needs, collaborating closely with your team.

How we help your business


Climate change is causing numerous challenges for companies. It is accelerating water shortages and scarcity globally. More and more companies run the risk of experiencing a ‘blue-out’. That is why WaaS Asia is offering alternative water sources for your company’s production process to reduce the pressure on drinking water. These alternative water sources are more sustainable and affordable.

You are sure of:

  • complete unburdening of water management
  • complete DBFMO: Design Build Finance Maintain Operate
  • smaller water footprint due to greater efficiency

  • use of alternative water sources and strategic reserves
  • continuity of production because the water is always available
  • save on water cost
  • zero upfront capital as the entire project is financed by us

  • high-quality purification of any process water
  • more efficiency, less waste
  • maximum use of rainwater, wastewater and surface water

Our mission

Achieving 100% water circularity within the industry and ensuring that drinking water remains continuously available worldwide.

Our approach

At WaaS Asia, we work closely with you. We design tailor-made containerized water purification systems that produce clean and sustainable water according to your quality needs. We are responsible for the financing, installation, operation, and maintenance of the water purification system on behalf of our clients. Our integrated approach guarantees sustainable and affordable clean water without any upfront capital investments from our valued customers.

Our containerised solutions allow for fast construction and minimal work left to do on-site.

After signing a water purchase agreement with our client, our R&D engineers and highly qualified technicians take care of the operation and monitoring of the installation 24/7, during the contract period.

Our technology

WaaS Asia applies innovative technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and electrode ionisation, to remove contaminants and other particles from the available water. Result: 90% to 100% of the pathogens are eliminated from the water, so you can use it problem free in your production process.

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WaaS Asia is a joint venture between Ekopak Sustainable Water and Vyncke. Ekopak is specialized in circular water solutions. Vyncke provides clean energy technology and solutions. Both companies operate globally.

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