About d’Arta

d’Arta is a Belgian family company that has become a global player in developing, processing and marketing fresh frozen products such as vegetables, fruits, herbs and ready-to-eat (side) dishes.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of how d’Arta manages its daily operations. Water management is an important aspect in this.

Saving 55% of city water

Water is crucial during d’Arta’s production process. There are different application areas such as washing, peeling, steaming, blanching, etc. This ensures that the company’s site in Ardooie has an average water consumption for high-end applications of 300 000 m³ /year.

“During the summer months we had a shortage of process water at one point. Thanks to the switch to sustainable water de-ironing-softening via an Ekopak installation on rain and well water, we can now save 55% city water as a company. In addition, a system was set up to reuse 30% of our wastewater in the production process, this via UF/RO on the effluent.”

– Steven Laridon, HSE Manager at d’Arta

Ekopak installation – global deployment

Ekopak’s containerized installations are rapidly and globally deployable. Besides the installation in Belgium, d’Arta also relies on Ekopak for its sites in England and Portugal, each time using rainwater as a source.

The R&D on Tour from Ekopak was also used at one point at d’Arta. With this mobile test lab, Ekopak can carry out water research and pilot tests directly on site at the customer’s premises. Ekopak is fully committed to innovative technologies to ensure a continuous sustainable water supply.

Type of installation:

Fe/Mn removal, NF, RO, disinfection, 2 x 24 m3/h

darta waas installation